Uploading Supplier Statements For Reconciliation

Paper, PDF & Excel – We’ve got it covered

Uploading supplier statements to Statement-Matching could not be easier. Supplier statements in any format can be uploaded via a combination of two methods:

  • Paper & PDF – Paper statements can be scanned to an email in-box and statements you receive via email (PDF) can be forwarded to the same in-box. Our managed service will take care of the rest; the data will be extracted and the statements will be on Statement-Matching.com, reconciled and ready for you to review for exceptions within 24hrs.
  • Excel Uploads – Excel files can be forwarded via email to our managed service and they will be automatically imported. Optionally, you can also give suppliers self-service access to upload their own statements via a portal. Suppliers can also view invoice status, payment information and submit messages via the portal if you allow them to.

Once the supplier statements are uploaded, the reconciliation results are available in the cloud immediately and accounts payable only have the exceptions to manage. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to upload supplier statements via Excel

If you would like to see a live demonstration of all uploading statements features then please use the Book a Live Demo button below.


Allow 45 minutes for the live demo and we’ll also tell you about the free proof of concept and pricing.

Proactive Account Payable Guide - Statement Matching

Download Your Copy Of The Proactive Accounts Payable Guide

Manually reconciling supplier statements is a long process so it is often neglected and only performed when the supplier’s account is in trouble. Being proactive with statement reconciliation and automating the process can help combat potential issues. Our guide can help you achieve this.