Enable Suppliers To Reconcile Their Own Statements

Enable suppliers to reconcile their own statements

Suppliers can be invited to access Statement-Matching.com via the web and there are no costs to the supplier or you for that matter because supplier self-service is included in the standard price. Supplier self-service includes invoice status, messaging and suppliers can even upload their own statements with the results immediately visible by both the supplier and your Accounts Payable users via Statement-Matching.com. Below are some of the key features and screenshots of the system from the supplier’s perspective.

  • Invoice Status – Suppliers can see the status of all invoices on their account and filters are available to view paid or un-paid. Suppliers can see due dates and paid dates and enter payment references in the search to view all invoices relating to a payment. The screenshot below shows the invoice status view and the blue icons are where messages have been exchanged with accounts payable on the other end. Click the image to view an enlarged version in a separate browser window.
  • Messaging – Suppliers can submit messages against documents and accounts payable can view the messages at the document level and in a general inbox by the supplier. The screenshot below shows the supplier view and click the image to see an enlarged version in a separate window.
  • Uploading Statements – Suppliers can upload statements via Excel and view the reconciliation immediately. Accounts Payable can of course see the same reconciliation on Statement-Matching.com and you can report on the number of statements uploaded by suppliers. If there are missing documents on the statement then suppliers can send copies via the normal route or send copies via the portal as an email attachment to the default inbox you use to receive invoices. The screenshot below is what the supplier sees when uploading Excel files. Suppliers have to select the Excel columns via the drop-down to map the statement fields into the system fields, very simple and you can click the image to see an enlarged version in a new browser window.

If you would like to see a live demonstration of all managing exceptions features then please use the Book a Live Demo button below. If you would like to know more detail about the end-to-end solution then please use the links below to learn more about the solution.


Allow 45 minutes for the live demo and we’ll also tell you about the free proof of concept and pricing.

Proactive Account Payable Guide - Statement Matching

Download Your Copy Of The Proactive Accounts Payable Guide

Manually reconciling supplier statements is a long process so it is often neglected and only performed when the supplier’s account is in trouble. Being proactive with statement reconciliation and automating the process can help combat potential issues. Our guide can help you achieve this.