Supplier Statement Reconciliation Software Reporting Features

Reporting for Continuous Improvement

Reporting is one of those areas where customers have all the great ideas because they use the system every day and need to report on the process. We have always taken this approach to design, so the majority of reports have been developed based on the requirements of our existing customers.

Reporting for our supplier statement reconciliation software is split predominately into three areas:

  • Summary Reports – Summary reports include statement totals and values by supplier, user activity reports and vendor balance and statement value reports. Full vendor audit reports are also provided, which European customers use to sign off their external audit on supplier liabilities. See screenshots below for dashboard view of Top X vendor report and drill-down to report and click the image to view an enlarged version in a separate window.
  • Supplier Reports – Key Supplier reports are based on procurement spend and the number of suppliers you want to include eg. Top 20 suppliers by invoice value. Critical Supplier reports are based on suppliers flagged as critical in the system, so these might be suppliers on early payment discount programs, key suppliers for production or suppliers who are particularly vocal and put you on stop quickly. See screenshot below for a list of key and critical supplier reports and click the image to view an enlarged version in another browser window.
  • Statement Status Reports – Reports are available based on the overall status for a statement and the status of every line on the statement. For example, a user might want to list all statements where there are missing credit notes to chase them up or the manager may want to see the total value for accruals. See screenshots below for a dashboard view of the missing credit notes report and drill-down to the report and click the image to view an enlarged version in another browser window.

If you would like to see a live demonstration of all reporting features then please use the Book a Live Demo button below. If you would like to know more detail about the end-to-end solution then please use the links below to learn more about the solution.


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Proactive Account Payable Guide - Statement Matching

Download Your Copy Of The Proactive Accounts Payable Guide

Manually reconciling supplier statements is a long process so it is often neglected and only performed when the supplier’s account is in trouble. Being proactive with statement reconciliation and automating the process can help combat potential issues. Our guide can help you achieve this.