How To Manage Exceptions & Errors When Reconciling Supplier Statements

Improving the role of Accounts Payable will automate the reconciliation of your supplier statements in the cloud and all you need to do is login and manage the exceptions. Not all exceptions are created equally, so has been designed to make it easy to prioritise exceptions and users can also select only the supplier statements they are responsible for. For example; users might want to see all the statements with missing credit notes from vendors based on their alpha-split.

Below are some of the key features available to users for managing exceptions:

  • Search Screen – The Search Screen enables users to select statements by company id (legal entity), supplier range, statement date, statement status and so on. Users can save their search to run automatically in the future, see screenshot below and click the image to view an enlarged version in another browser window.
  • Sorting the Search Results – Using the Search Screen will produce a list of statements based on the search selections. Each column can be sorted, so users might want to sort the list based on statement total, statement date or status. The screenshot below shows the list sorted by statement value and click the image to view an enlarged version in another browser window.
  • Statement Status Reports – Reporting on Statement-Matching enables users to list all statements by statement status and line status. All reports are Searchable, so users can narrow the selection to only show statements by status, by company, by supplier or date. See screenshot below of search criteria with drop down of reports by line status and click the image to view an enlarged version in another browser window.
  • Key Vendor Reports – In addition to selecting statements based on supplier ranges; Accounts Payable often have a list of key vendors who must be reconciled on a monthly or another periodic basis. includes settings to manage and report on key vendors based on invoice value and critical vendor flags. See screenshot below for a list of key and critical vendor reports and click the image to view an enlarged version in another browser window.

If you would like to see a live demonstration of all managing exceptions features then please use the Book a Live Demo button below. If you would like to know more detail about the end-to-end solution then please use the links below to learn more about the solution.


It will take 45 minutes to show you how it works on a live system, go through the setup for the trial and pricing.

Proactive Account Payable Guide - Statement Matching

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Manually reconciling supplier statements is a long process so it is often neglected and only performed when the supplier’s account is in trouble. Being proactive with statement reconciliation and automating the process can help combat potential issues. Our guide can help you achieve this.