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Accounts Payable – Purchase Ledger Reconciliation

Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Our solution automates supplier statement reconciliation. How it works – Synch your Accounts Payable ledger with and upload statements in Excel, PDF or Paper format. Our solution automates the reconciliation process when you first upload the statement and re-reconciles the statements automatically every day when the daily files from your accounting system are imported. You can send reconciliation reports to suppliers to request copies of missing documents and update them with the status of all their invoices to reduce inbound queries. Invited suppliers can also access the portal to see the status of their invoices, exchange messages with AP and even upload their own statements. There is no software or hardware to install and we can have you up and running in 3 days once we have the initial data from your accounting system. If you would like to see a live demonstration of uploading statements to then please click the Book a Live Demo button below.


Allow 45 minutes for the live demo and we’ll also tell you about the free proof of concept and pricing.


Proactive Account Payable Guide - Statement Matching

Download Your Copy Of The Proactive Accounts Payable Guide

Manually reconciling supplier statements is a long process so it is often neglected and only performed when the supplier’s account is in trouble. Being proactive with statement reconciliation and automating the process can help combat potential issues. Our guide can help you achieve this.


Automated Reconciliations automatically reconciles supplier statements against the invoices, credits & payments on your ledgers. We take care of the matching; leaving you to focus on the exceptions.

  • Status allocated for each statement line
  • View statements by company, vendor & status
  • Spot missing credits & invoices immediately

Comprehensive Audit Reports

Summary of values for matched lines, documents on statement with errors, documents on statement, but not on ledger, documents on ledger, but not on statement, unpaid/paid with balances.

  • Document details behind the summary page
  • Copy of the audit report & statement image
  • Date & time-stamped with signature page

Share Information with Suppliers

Email Reconciliation Reports to vendors or give them self-service access via portal. Suppliers can see the status of their invoices and upload their own statements, so you get fewer phone calls.

  • Reconciliation reports branded as yours
  • Clear requests to resend missing documents
  • Keeps history of previous copy requests

Hosted on Azure

Your data is secure in the cloud. Every customer gets their own instance of the application & database plus all the security features that come from choosing Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

  • Azure CIS, PCI DCICSS 3.2, ISO27001 & SOC compliant
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit. All comms https
  • Provisioned in EU, NA and SE Asia data centres