Considerations for reconciling the supplier account

Most organisations have to reconcile supplier accounts as part of their audit processes.  This ensures that supplier balances are accurate for financial reporting and profits are maximised by ensuring no credit notes are missing or invoices duplicated. In principle, the process for reconciling supplier accounts is very straightforward.  But in practice it is time-consuming for […]

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AP Audit

In-House AP Audit Capabilities This article is to discuss to what extent Accounts Payable departments are able to perform AP Audit processes. We would be interested to hear your comments. Accounts Payable have enough on their plate with the day-to-day activities required to process invoices through to payment. Accounts Payable has varying degrees of automation […]

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How to use Vendor Reconciliation Template

What does your vendor reconciliation Excel template look like? We provide a vendor reconciliation template for Accounts Payable departments to automate supplier statement reconciliation.Some of our customers, who were already using an in-house developed supplier reconciliation excel template, reported a tenfold increase using our template. Watch the video to see our vendor reconciliation excel template. One of […]

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GR IR Clearing Process in SAP

GR IR Clearing Process SAP Background The GR IR account is an intermediary clearing account in SAP for goods and invoices in transit. It is commonly referred to as the GRIR (Goods Receipt Invoice Receipt) or GRNI (Goods Received Not Invoiced) account. Both mean the same thing. It is the value of goods receipted awaiting […]

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Supplier Statement Reconciliation in South Africa

Intellection signed as partner in South Africa to automate supplier statement reconciliation are pleased to announce a new partner signing in South Africa with Intellection. Intellection is a privately held Procure-to-Pay consultancy and industry thought leader. The Intellection team has assisted numerous customers to minimise risk, increase efficiencies, reduce cost and improve cash flow. […]

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