Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation

10x quicker than reconciling supplier statements manually; all you have to do is manage the exceptions. Book a Live Demo to see how it works for Accounts Payable and Supplier's via self-service. We'll also explain how to get started on your free trial!

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FBL1N Proof of Concept

See it working with your own data free of charge for up to 10 suppliers

The best way to evaluate for your business is to see it working with your own data. You can do this completely free of charge by taking advantage of our proof of concept and you don’t need any involvement from IT!

You can download the FBLN instructions document using the button below:-

Download FBL1N Instructions

At the end of the 4 week Proof of Concept; we can either delete the system permanently or it can remain open if you would like to become a live customer (after the necessary approvals your end of course!). If you do want to become a live customer; we will provide you with a data-extract report for SAP (free of charge), which you will need your SAP team to import into your Development system and move it through the landscape into production. You will also need your network team to setup a secure FTP process to send daily files from SAP to, which is how we stay in synch with your accounts payable ledgers.

Note; we can also upload data from other systems if you have multiple ERP systems or perhaps you use an add-on with SAP like VIM (Vendor Invoice Management), Process Director or one of the other invoice processing add-on’s, which is fine with us as we have different versions of the SAP report depending on which add-on, if any, you use.

We can provide documentation for all of the SAP reports on request and we typically setup a conference call with your SAP and Network Security teams as they will have a due diligence process that we will need to go through.

If you would like to have a call to discuss the above in more detail and/or see a live demo before you do the Proof of Concept then you can book a date/time to suit you via our demo booking page.